We are looking for someone who wants to shape the future of hiring. 

For more than two hundred years hiring has been impersonal -- job posts in the local newspaper, a sign in the window or an advertisement on the radio. A new wave of internet job boards has made the problem worse by dramatically increasing the noise.

Liveli wants to know who you are, and what you want to be. For job seekers, this means asking questions once, then advocating and coaching them to achieve their goals.

For businesses, this means understanding their core needs for each job, and bringing in hires that last longer and enjoy their role.

Better fits mean less time searching, fewer fires, and more fulfilling careers. More importantly, we always give job seekers next steps to arrive at their destination.

We are trustworthy, it is our responsibility to respect the job seeker and the business, and to always be fair and open about opportunities.

We are pragmatic, if you see a problem at Liveli you should have the means to fix it. We have big dreams but we can only achieve those by measuring reality.

We are focused. We know what we are working on, and what we aren’t working on. Everyone working here should know our priorities and shape their own work around that.

Send us your info if you'd like to hear more.

- The Liveli Team



Liveli is hiring its next Software Engineer(s). He/She will be responsible for developing, creating and modifying computer applications, software and specialized programs and applications for an on-line hiring resources platform. 

Liveli is the easiest way to hire in the service sector and is quickly growing within the Bay Area, with plans to extend to new markets within the year. 


  • Bachelor’s degree or foreign degree equivalent in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or related technical degree

  • Two years of experience working as a Software Engineer or related technical occupation.


  •   Develop, create and modify computer applications, software and specialized programs and applications for an on-line hiring resources

  • Designing, building, iterating and delivering the first versions of each piece of the company’s on-line platform. 

  • Working closely with designers and product managers to ensure that goals are met and completed on time and under budget. 

  • Leveraging and contributing to open-source projects when needed. 

  • Manage Mongo database and Linux servers and write unit tests. 


Interested candidates send resume to: HR, Job #HH01, Hiring for Humans, Inc. dba Liveli, 282 2nd St., #301, SF, CA 94105.

Reference Job #HH01 in subject line and message section.


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