Slider Shack finds a solution

A local food truck saves time on hiring, finds better candidates and eliminates no-shows.


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Slider Shack is the lovechild of native San Franciscan John Cade, whose obsession with homemade BBQ sauce is sweeping across the downtown area he serves and the private events he caters. Slider Shack is known for meat that is slow-cooked for up to 15 hours so that when it finally reaches your fork, it melts. Some things are best done slow. Hawaiian pulled pork is one of them. Hiring is not.

The Challenge:

Cade needed two urgent hires with no time to spare. But his staffing process turned out to be a “tremendous burden” and a “huge waste of time.” He scheduled and confirmed 40 interviews following his latest Craigslist ad. Only 4 candidates bothered to show. “And only 1 person of the 36 who no-showed even bothered to tell me they weren’t coming.” Job boards had proven to be wasteful and ineffective. It was time for a change.

The Solution:

Liveli’s intelligent platform took the friction out of hiring, saving time and sparing pain. When Cade joined Liveli and requested two hires, Liveli unleashed its service industry expertise on the local candidate pool and managed everything from sourcing to screening. The results were simple: painless hiring. What used to take weeks now took days, and Slider Shack quickly found two great candidates to hire.


“Liveli has quite simply taken this process over and OWNED it. They have done a terrific job finding and screening candidates. The experience has been incredible.”