Bacon Bacon Expands with Liveli

A rapidly growing bacon enterprise leans on Liveli to make great hires, fast.

bacon bacon pic.jpg

Bacon Bacon is a local legend in the making. In just two years they’ve multiplied from one truck to three, plus a cafe in Cole Valley. Their bacon-based fare includes everything from bacon-fried chicken, bacon burgers, chocolate covered bacon, bacon bouquets, and triple bacon tacos. There’s even bacon cake. The whole city has taken notice, and so has some national media, like Fox News and Saturday Night Live.

The Challenge

Bacon Bacon needed to make all new hires for a third, brand new truck. Their timeframe? As quickly as possible. That meant finishing build out, passing inspections, filling out the catering calendar and more. There simply wasn’t enough manpower left over for their Operations Lead, Conor Wiecking, to recruit an entire new team of drivers, hosts and cooks. With no time to spare, Conor contacted Liveli.

The Solution

Liveli was able to automate the hiring for Bacon Bacon’s fleet of food trucks. A process that would have taken over a month now took just days. Liveli did everything from providing job descriptions to making sourcing a snap, when it came time to screen and schedule interviews things were just as easy.



“Liveli provided us with extraordinary candidates, and eliminated the hard and annoying legwork of hiring. It’s the hiring of the future.”


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