When Mixt Greens leaned on Liveli, one great hire turned into many.

Mixt Greens make salads for the salad-obsessed. They call themselves “salad junkies” and their farm-to-salad fare promises slow food cooked fast. The business was started ten years ago by Andrew Sullivan, who had two goals in mind: to make the best salads on Earth, and to set the bar for sustainability throughout its entire operation. Since their start, Mixt Greens has grown to 8 restaurants throughout California and served over two million pounds of lettuce -- every ounce of it local and organic. 

The Challenge

Mixt Greens needed to hire someone with a unique, hard-to-find combination of skills: a line cook who could also interact with customers. Line cooks are usually tucked away at the back of house. But because Mixt Greens has their awesome food up front for everyone to see, the line cooks are up front too. It was tricky enough looking for a great hire who was comfortable both in the kitchen and at the counter. What made a tricky search even trickier was that the busy managers had no time left over to focus on hiring. Enter Liveli.

The Solution

Liveli automated the search for line cooks. With Liveli’s service they were able to find the right line cook in just 2 weeks! Mixt Greens was so thrilled with the experience that the restaurant rolled Liveli across all 8 of their Bay Area locations. Liveli sourced, filtered and screened candidates for roles including cooks, delivery drivers, a cashier and a porter. 5 new hires were made within weeks. The same process without Liveli would have normally taken months. That meant countless hours and dollars in savings for the growing Mixt Greens business.  

The Results

  • First hire in 14 days
  • 5 new hires
  • Automated hiring for 8 locations

About Liveli

Liveli automates your hiring. Powerful tools to source, screen, schedule, and manage job applicants from your phone, tablet, or computer. See more at liveli.co