5 Reasons Why Job Boards Are So Over


5. They Flood You With Candidates Who Aren’t Qualified

It’s like T.S. Elliot once famously wrote: “Til human voices wake us, then we drown.” He was talking about an existential crisis of the soul, but he might as well have been talking about responses you get from a job board. That’s the bottom line: job boards are soul-sucking. They will drown you in a flood of unqualified candidates who don’t have the right backgrounds. And if you think automated software that filters through candidates will help -- think again. Automated software isn’t discerning enough. Using it means qualified candidates will fall through the cracks. The only other option is wading through the endless candidate pool yourself, a frustrating, time-consuming task.

4. They Flood You With Candidates Who Aren’t Serious

One thing that too many job board candidates share is that they are unserious.. Many times “people submit resumes to job ads just to see if they will receive a response,” according to Robert Mathis, author of Human Resource Management. Unserious candidates result in economic waste for your business. One particularly nasty consequence is no-show candidates for interviews. Businesses using job boards can expect to see over half of their scheduled interviews falling through the cracks because these unserious candidates never show up. 

3. Job Boards Don’t Reach the Candidates You Want

Picture your dream hire. Experienced, enthusiastic and reliable. Odds are, that dream hire isn’t at home surfing Craigslist. He’s a professional through-and-through. It’s why he leans on professionals for his job search, too. Your dream hire is probably leaning on a third party agency to find a job because, like you, he values his time and is sick of the job board charade. Candidates who recognize the value they have to offer are more likely to be found in the ranks of pre-qualified agencies -- and not through catch-all job boards.

2. Job Boards Are Stupid

Literally. They don’t have a brain, because there’s no human behind the process. Rather, job boards are static, wild marketplaces that reach into the dark ethers of the internet and bring you back seaweed instead of shrimp. The big problem with job boards is the lack of accountability. Much like anonymous internet forums are hotbeds for juvenile misinformation, job boards are similarly unreliable sources for the candidates your business needs. The end result of the Great Unsuccessful Job Board Experiment is that you lose time and your business loses money. The conclusion is dire. Hiring is broken. Good thing there’s a better way.

1. Job Boards Aren’t Liveli

Out with the old job boards. In with Liveli. We’re nothing like a job board. You don’t post anything, you never have to review a single resume, and you definitely don’t sit on interview day facing no-show after no-show. Liveli is the hiring of the future. We pre-screen and pre-qualify a stable of awesome, qualified candidates so you can focus on running your business. Then we schedule interviews and send you the cream of the crop. You’ll get experienced, eager candidates who are right for the job. All you have to do is show up to interview them, and tell us who you want. Could it really be that simple? Contact us to learn more.